Haunted Spencer Mountain Mansion (Spencer Mountain, NC)

There are currently only two residents in Spencer Mountain, NC. Two living residents, that is. No one can seem to agree on the history...

There are currently only two residents in Spencer Mountain, NC.

Two living residents, that is.

No one can seem to agree on the history of this abandoned mansion in Spencer Mountain. Heck, they can't even agree on the name as we have heard different people refer to it as the Spencer Mountain Mansion, the Pharr Yarns Mansion, and the Old Love House. But here's one thing everyone can agree on: it's haunted.

Yeah, we admit it doesn't really look that scary, just abandoned. Let's run it through the Strange Carolinas Scare-O-Vision™ filter:

There. Now you're scared, right?

Here's what the fine folks at SpencerMountain.com had to say about the mansion:
"The old mansion now sits abroad where the old Spencer Mountain Cemetery used to sit. In fact, the entire hillside from Pharr Blvd. all the way over to Ranlo/Spencer Mountain Road was once a final resting place for many unforgotten souls."

"Lights randomly turn on and off for no reason , batteries in equipment lasts for only minutes, voices talking when no one else is there, music playing when there is no power turned on, tools being moved from one place to another, someone walking around upstairs when no one else is there, children laughing, cold spots throughout the mansion {mostly upstairs and in the basement} and much more..."

After hearing about the mansion and finding ourselves in Gastonia one afternoon, we had to check things out. It wasn't until we made our way to the back of the mansion that we found something interesting.

You see it, right?

The back entrance had been boarded up, but it was clear that something had escaped from the mansion. Since it was only from the waist down, we quickly realized that the Spencer Mountain Mansion was not haunted at all. It was inhabited by leprechauns!

Please note: Strange Carolinas does not condone entering properties without the permission of the owners. However, when there is a hole in the door, we might just go up to the hole and snap a few pictures while remaining outside.

Apparently, the leprechauns are a sad lot:

Who don't really clean up after themselves:

Conclusion: no ghosts, only leprechauns! Another mystery solved by the Strange Carolinas team!

What To Know Before You Go

GPS Coordinates: (35.306885, -81.111026)
Location: Spencer Mountain Road, Spencer Mountain, NC



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  1. Great interesting story. Thanks for letting us look inside. Love the upstair oval porch. I bet it was beautiful in it"s day!

    1. I bet it was beautiful, too. Really wish someone would come in and save it.

  2. I was there this week and the back door still hasnt been fixed. Can you tell me when you took the pictures? Thanks

  3. I'm wantingto go there to see it. It looks so beautiful I want to be the one to save it because yeah its old but its beautiful and can still be saved and used

  4. I took a weird pic there a few years back. Still no clue what it was.

  5. It is my knowledge that my boyfriend will be purchasing this house for more info email me or my at kayceesmith661@yahoo.com or my cousin edwardsarmani@yahoo.com

    1. Did you purchase this property yet if not do you know who does own it

  6. It has been torn to the ground.... Makes me very sad

    1. No!! I was there just a couple of months ago!! Did you see it?

  7. The idiots in this county continue to destroy history??? THANKS DEMS. and REP. NAFTA fucked this entire county up!!!!! Look at SMTYRE, again falling to the wasteside!!!! i hate REP. and DEM for supporting NAFTA!!!! Two much damage is done ans the only one with "balls" is DoNALD TRUMP!!!!! No special interest and $1 per year for salary. Fuck the Clintons, the Bushes and the Obamas!!!!!!!

  8. I was there today the house still there is just cover by all the trees now



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