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Every Day Is Halloween 2020

Hello and welcome to Every Day is Halloween! Every day for the month of October, we will post at least two Halloween-related articles. Pl...

The Strange Carolinas Podcast

Strange Carolinas is a look at the interesting, unique, and sometimes strange people, music, art, food, urban legends, and roadside attract...

Andrews Geyser (Old Fort, NC)

Did you know that you don't have to drive all the way to Yellowstone to see a geyser? We have one in North Carolina. True, it's ma...

Cum Park Plaza Sign (Burlington, NC)

I started Strange Carolinas to share my love of roadside attractions with anyone who would listen and to also reconnect people with their ...

Grave of Cancetto "Spaghetti" Farmica (Laurinburg, NC)

While the marker of Cancetto Farmica doesn't look much different than other markers in Laurinburg's Hillside Cemetery, if you look ...

Calestar The Dragon (Robbinsville, NC)

Calestar is a 25-foot-long dragon that can be found at the entrance to the Tail Of The Dragon souvenir shop in Robbinsville. According to ...

Dragon Tail Highway Art (Robbinsville, NC)

This giant Tail Of The Dragon-themed art can be found at Tail Of The Dragon souvenir store, which is across the street from Deals Gap Motor...

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