The Gravesite Of Siamese Twins Eng And Chang Bunker (Mount Airy, NC)

Siamese twins Eng and Chang Bunker are buried in the graveyard directly behind the White Plains Baptist Church in Mt. Airy. Their grave is...

Elsewhere (Greensboro, NC)

Elsewhere is an art museum that was a huge unkempt thrift store in a previous life. Six years after her death, the thrift store owner'...

AIM Undercar Specialists Muffler Creature (Burlington, NC)

What makes this guy so special? He's freakin' H-U-G-E. Probably twenty feet tall. Maybe more. If we ever need protection in Burl...

Henry L. Warren's Shangri-La (Prospect Hill, NC)

Henry L. Warren's Shangri-La is one of the best roadside attractions in all of the Carolinas (personal aside: we have made several tri...

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