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On Monday, I picked up a copy of one the free weekly newspapers in my area. Immediately, I noticed it felt weird, like it had something in...

On Monday, I picked up a copy of one the free weekly newspapers in my area. Immediately, I noticed it felt weird, like it had something in it. I opened it up and inside was a folded and taped piece of paper that read Go Pokemon. I figured it might hold a list of Pokemon Go pokestops or spawning spots in the area. When I got in the car, I removed the tape from the paper and upon doing so, realized the Go Pokemon paper was acting as an envelope. Written on the inside of the envelope was the following: "Please post this information on internet. I do not have access." Inside the "envelope" was the below, handwritten on two pieces of paper, front and back. I admit, it has me a little shaken up, given the fact it references things I enjoy like Pokemon Go, Christoper Moore, Silence Of The Lambs, and Douglas Adams. It also contains references to Frozen, the Bible, Masons, the Invisible Bread webcombic, and James Patterson.

The manifesto has been transcribed exactly from the original papers, preserving all grammatical and punctuation errors as well as all misspelled words. If anyone has any thoughts about the below or would like to shed some light on its overall meaning, please contact us at or 336.907.2393.

THE CALLING (Aka "Rapture")
Somewhere along the way, you've made some waves. Somebody wants you silenced. OR maybe that's just the rouse to put you through the hazing line. I suspect these hazing games stem from the same "selection" rituals of Nazi Germany and have been in existence even longer than that.

One day, you receive a message. I could be in person from a stranger; it could be a note slipped anonymously under your door or under your plate at a restaurant. The note might advise you of some danger should you return home. Maybe it will tell you to leave town by sunset. OR if you do go home, don't open the front door. Curious, you go home, enter through the back door and see a double barrel shot gun rigged with a cord from the trigger to door knob. You surmise that maybe your death would be covered up as a drug deal gone bad. Everyone will be shocked because no one even knew you did drugs (you don't). But people are quick to believe the lies of media and authorities. Many are abusing their power.

But someone has warned you! You have a savior! Uncle Bob has got your back. Oh yeah? Remember the story of the boy set his girlfriends house on fire and only so he could show up first with a water hose and play the hero?

Is this not all orchestrated? Problem-reaction-solution. For someone to warn you that there is a bomb in your house would they not have to know something about WHO PLACED IT THERE? Obviously, they are "in" on these psychopathic games.

Here's how Christopher Moore describes it in Fluke: "Every person rescued on any whale ship has been pulled out of a sinking or sunken ship, a plane crash at sea or some other disaster that would have killed them." ... "Thus you have been rescued and given a gift of time."

Are these disaster not staged events to direct you to "THE CALLING"?

You get another message. A dire warning. You must leave. Your life will continue to be threatened every day until you cooperate. A car jumps on the sidewalk and nearly hits you. They keep terrorizing you. Maybe they even have your pets killed.

You are sent to seek a certain person, place or thing. It may be miles away. Upon arriving there, you discover that you are on a stretch of road. It is HIGHWAY 42. Usually there is a plaque somewhere stating that HWY 42 is known as THE KINGS HIGHWAY.

What is the meaning of life and the universe and everything? 42. Why? Ask a physicist. (Later you might learn about the 42nd Infantry Rainbow Brigade.) Come out Munchkins and tell your stories!

At this point, while on Hwy 42, you might be sent a threatening message that you are not to return home. Perhaps a messenger implies that your house has burned down. You really have no way of knowing for sure. You have been pulled out of the system - "erased". If you try to contact anyone you will endanger them. Thus, they have achieved Silence of the Lambs.

An excerpt from a James Patterson novel contains a strange metaphoric passage that could be turned to reference the cephalopod and those people who have been abducted and "erased".

"Do you know about 'The Octopus'? It was a squid with a human face and a mouth with hundreds of teeth. It contained the names, fully desctiption and appropriate whereabouts of the known 'outlaw* aliens' currently roaming the earth." (*outlaw: trespassing for shelter, loitering, j-walking)

The visual of this octopus with a "face and a mouth with hundreds of teeth" is often a character in Mark Tatulli's comics. Come out Munchkins and tell your stories now.

Whatever happened to the Peace Pilgrim?

Are there others like her?

In Moore's novel FLUKE, those who were "called" received messages that were encrypted in recorded whale songs.

The word "crypt" is from "kryptos" which means "secret" or "hidden". (Krypton is Superman's "achilles heel" - it drains him of strength while giving him super human power. (Krypton was, in fact, a Dysonsphere.*)

The scriptures state that certain people will be given "hidden manna". Some Bible scholars have interpreted "manna" as "bread". Bread is a metaphor for information. Where does this info come from? Bethel means "House of Bread". Apparently, these are "Jonah's people."

The messages are usually harassments (later they become directive.) "Watchers" are sent out to stalk you day and night. They report to someone on what you are doing - how you spend your time, where you go, who you see and they even question people with whom you've had conversations. The next day you may receive one or more messages with specifics of "I know what you did/said yesterday."

The purpose of these messages seem to be to seal your peace of mind, to remind you that you have no privacy and to make you paranoid because you know you are always being watched and threatened. You have guards on you hourly. This stalking and reporting is bullying and terrorizing.

A few years ago a Jehovah's Witness revealed to me that "those in good standing" are often sent out to watch and report on certain people that the organization suspects might be one of the 144,000. Also some watchers are Masonic associations.

Also, some of the watchers and harassers are may be criminals or a family member of a criminal. They may be sent to threaten you - usually sent by someone who can "fix" a missed parole appointment or can give a privelige to their incarcerated family member or "help" with citizenship.

What is the purpose of Hidden Manna? To terrorize you, to gain control over you and then later to direct you to deliver messages to others for them. It's how "THE FAMILIES" stay hidden and yet are able to direct your leadership - from international to local. Who are "THE FAMILIES"? They use high profile people as a front - also institutions like the Papacy, et. al.

Remember the "7 eyes in the FOUNDATION Stone"? Look for FOUNDATION stones. Billionaire philanthropists that have an interest in genetic HARVESTing and a Socialistic Darwinism philosophy. That's what hazing and "SELECTION" are all about. It's always been around. The POTTER is not finished. No diversity - only a perfect grain of RICE. That's the agenda.

Nimbus is a luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint. It is also the definition of a large gray rain cloud. The scriptures reveal that "God lives in the dark clouds." Nimbus is from the Latin meaning "cloud". Nimbus as a halo is first recorded in 1730. In the meteorological sense of "a rain cloud" is from 1803.

Nimbus is a derivative of the Greek nephele, nephos. (1610-1620) Nephelim: sons of Nephele.

Perhaps the Nephelim refer to those ciphers who speak to the angel finger puppets from behind the veil of a mist or cloud. This simply means a cloak of invisibility or distance. How does angel-ology work? See Invisible Bread, Aug. 13, 2016.

This was also illustrated in the movie FROZEN when Hans and Elsa exchanged dialog through the smoke cloud of a fire. Hans pretends to be a rescuer and guide. Later we see he "Rides the Beast" taking Elsa where she ends up in LOCK DOWN - FROZEN.

Moore expresses the same concept in FLUKE. " persuading people that I'm something I'm not in order to gain their trust so they could be kidnapped or killed in order to preserve my community? Yes, I have some concept of serving the greater good."

Some people may be awestruck by some info that the ciphers reveal in trying to trick people into thinking they have supernatural knowledge of their private lives. The truth is that these people have access to all your records - school, church, employment, criminal, medical, etc. All records carry comments from people who have known you, your secrets and personal info. When a cipher reveals one of your deep dark secrets, you wonder how they could have known. It's not Jesus, folks! It's info from FOIA and some actually get info from their Masonic network in areas where you've been. SURPRISE!

I suspect that those "not chosen" end up murdered or in jails or mental institutions. Some are force drugged into a lifetime stupor; some may be actually driven insane by the tactics of these psychopaths and their pawns. Many cannot prove their identity because their papers + history have been removed from "the system", their deaths having been staged. They end their lives FROZEN in an abysmal pit somewhere. Jailed for trespassing for shelter, loitering, j-walking. No way out without identity.


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