420 Jim And His CannaBus

Sometimes we leave our headquarters with a planned agenda, equipped with a list of locations to explore, on a mission to find offbeat plac...

Sometimes we leave our headquarters with a planned agenda, equipped with a list of locations to explore, on a mission to find offbeat places and people. Sometimes they seem to find us. Two weeks ago, we were riding around Greensboro when we saw a motor home parked on the side of the street near UNCG. When we got closer, we noticed it had pot leaves painted all over it. That's not something you see everyday, so naturally we had to pull over, take some photos, and talk to the person behind it.

That's when we met 420 Jim, the driver of the CannaBus.

What brings you to town?
Um... What was it? I-85?

I'm headed to do a veterans' event in Indiana on the 7th and I work by donations only. So when people donate here, I let them tag my motor home. I just shop in tows. I educate on cannabis and hemp. I tell people to please to go my website and sign the petition. If they really, really, really want to get it changed, Atlantic East Motion Picture Company out of Richmond, they want to do a documentary so they set up an Indiegogo site. I ask people to go there and put one dollar, just one dollar. The goal's $20,000 in 35 days, then we're going to reshoot a lot of everything that's happened.

I've got so many good cop videos and a couple of bad-cop-no-donut videos. I held the very first Mount Rushmore event ever done on cannabis and hemp in '15. I did a march on DC in '16. This year, I'm calling Trump and Pence out. Anyone who says the plan's bad is uneducated or a liar. Plain and simple, the truth's out there. And it's not about smoking it. The vets asked me to fight for them when I was at the reunion last year. I was going to quit last year but they asked me to continue and I couldn't so no because without what they had done, I couldn't do this.

God made cannabis. I agree, we're not supposed to smoke it. We're not supposed to smoke cigarettes either. So you're right, we shouldn't put it in our temple. But it also says "Don't judge lest you be judged." I'm a Christafarian, half Rastafarian, half Christian. I read the Christian Bible. He didn't stutter. He gave me herb. No, he didn't mean for me to smoke it. He gave it to me as meat. Point out in the Bible where I can't apply heat to my meat. It's THCA when it's raw in the bud never heated. You won't get high. As soon as you apply heat, whether you smoke it or cook it in a brownie or boil it in water for ten minutes and make tea out of it, you're going to get high. I ask them to point it out in the Bible because I haven't seen it yet where I can't apply heat to my meat.

So how long have you been doing this?
I started March 1st of '14.

How many miles have you traveled?
30 states and I've been back and forth through a lot of the states. This is my third time through the Carolinas, I think.

How many times have you been pulled over?
Probably about a dozen, a dozen and a half. Two illegal searches. I put a Calvin (of Calvin And Hobbes) in the window pissing on them. They don't find nothing. I'm 420 Jim. I'm not going to say if somebody was outside and said, "Hey! You want to hit this?" I'm not going to lie. If I'm not driving or anything like that, I'd take a hit. Other than that, I'm representing thousands of people and now the vets. Just like the two illegal searches I went through, they won't find stem or seed. If they do, I will have them on video planting them because everything within 50 feet in and out of this motor home is recorded for their protection and mine.


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