Concert Review: Emarosa | A Lot Like Birds | Jule Vera, The Blind Tiger Greensboro

A Lot Like Birds' Cory Lockwood Emarosa, A Lot Like Birds, and Jule Vera brought their tour into Greensboro's Blind Tiger on Tues...

A Lot Like Birds' Cory Lockwood
Emarosa, A Lot Like Birds, and Jule Vera brought their tour into Greensboro's Blind Tiger on Tuesday night.

Jule Vera's Ansley Newman and William Stacey
Alabama's Jule Vera hit the stage first. We arrived late for their set which we immediately regretted because they sounded awesome. Fronted by Ansley Newman and her uke, Jule Vera and their brand of alterna-pop was the perfect start of the evening.

A Lot Like Birds' Michael Franzino
While headliner Emarosa might have been the crowd's favorite, it was A Lot Like Birds that won our heart. The band was intense from start to finish. Dual singers Matt Coate and Cory Lockwood commanded your attention and guitarist Michael Franzino, who even brought out the slide at the show, was mesmerizing with his skills. We will definitely see them again when they come back through town and would encourage everyone to see them soon in these intimate settings before they're selling out stadiums.

Emarosa owned the crowd from the opening chord. Part of that was due to the chemistry the band had onstage, but it was also due to the chops and charisma of singer Bradley Walden. Actually, Walden is more than a singer. He's a performer. Walden was constantly jumping around, doing cartwheels, leaping into the crowd to sing with the fans, and joking around with the band onstage. The crowd had a lot of Emarosa fans and those who weren't already fans walked away as fans after their performance.

One more thing we'd like to add about all three acts: all three LOVED their fans. All were extremely accessible after their sets, hanging out at the merch table, talking with their fans and posing for photos with them.

Want to check out tour? Emarosa, A Lot Like Birds, and Jule Vera will be touring together until October 28th. You can view the remaining dates here.


A Lot Like Birds' Joseph Arrington
A Lot Like Birds' Ben Wiacek


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