Castle Video Games Poker Casino (Blacksburg, SC)

If you live just north of the NC/SC state line, you might make a quick hop over the border for three reasons: cheaper gas, fireworks, and ...

If you live just north of the NC/SC state line, you might make a quick hop over the border for three reasons: cheaper gas, fireworks, and the occasional peach. But in the late '90s, there was a fourth reason: video poker. While you could find them in convenience stores all across South Carolina, video poker casinos started popping up all along the NC/SC and SC/GA state lines. Many of the ones we remember looked like castles, making crossing the border into South Carolina seem like a royal experience back in the day.

In 1999, the South Carolina Supreme Court outlawed video poker machines. Soon after the ban went into effect in June of 2000, the industry dried up overnight, leaving many of these casinos abandoned.

Some were destroyed. Some slowly rotted away. Some were repurposed. Despite its impressive architectural design, we do not believe Blacksburg's Castle Video Games has been repurposed into another business since its closure.

What To Know Before You Go

GPS Coordinates: (35.165853, -81.453942)
Location: 2742 East Cherokee Street, Blacksburg



South Carolina 5330211821772863063

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  1. I was searching this game's information from so many days. I am glad that i visit this website. Because through here i just got my answer. Now i can do story translation of my local games. Thank you so much.

  2. Urban Ghosts Urban Exploration and C's Crazy Crossroads (Youtubers) recently did '30 minute alone' challenges at this site because they like to test the limits of their own fear in spooky places. While each doing their own explores, they experienced things being thrown at them, voices, growls and knocks and even the roller-doors and chains rattling on command in a way that was NOT just the wind blowing. It's entirely possible someone was pranking them, but I honestly doubt they were responsible for the stuff they experienced.

  3. Yeh that place is super haunted!! I just watched Chris from C's crazy crossroads and chains were swinging the metal doors were rattling constantly,the chandelier was swinging knocks were heard and on command by him, voices a cat sound! I dont know what happened there but somthing bad must of happened there? And that was in the daylight at 7pm! Can't imagine how it would be during the midnight hours?

  4. Sadly this building has been stripped and destroyed. People have taken anything and everything removable. Just an empty building now completely destroyed inside and out.

  5. The castle is now completely torn down. Putting a QT there. It was sad seeing it torn down. March of 2024



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