Fairy Trail (Hendersonville, NC)

BY JIM MACKENZIE Bullington Gardens sits just a little out of the way in scenic Hendersonville, North Carolina. But supernatural enchant...


Bullington Gardens sits just a little out of the way in scenic Hendersonville, North Carolina. But supernatural enchantment awaits you if you take the time to locate this hidden forest.

Bullington Gardens is the home of the Hendersonville Fairy Trail. The stated mission of the gardens is to connect children with the natural world through science and education. They offer many programs for students of all ages and horticultural abilities.

But hidden comfortably behind the educational gardens, along a magical walking path, lies the Fairy Trail. When you venture inside, you will encounter many types of fairies and gnomes and brownies and pucks. Most are busy with their daily rituals, baking, some cooking, while others are just making mischievous merriment.

It's a charming little walk through a wooded forest, each stop containing a tiny snapshot of daily fairy life. The easy slope and short length of the trail leaves it accessible to people of many ages and abilities. Most would not consider it challenging.

A few dioramas give the impression that the fairies who live there just stepped out for a brief moment. Hurry! Take a quick look because the fairy homeowners will return shortly to take in their laundry, or enjoy some tea with their fairy friends.

Please note, Bullington Gardens is an actual habitat for much wildlife, including bees and butterflies. Both are threatened by habitat loss and a changing climate, so "bee" nice.

Check the website and listings for hours and dates.

The Fairy Trail is free to enjoy, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Remember to bring a camera, a friend, and come with an opened mind for magic.

Bullington Gardens is found at 95 Upper Red Oak Trail, Hendersonville, NC.
Jim MacKenzie lives in Asheville, comfortably hidden away in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He's appeared in Bride of the Monster Serial, a horror compilation book about forgotten monster movies. Jim enjoys writing about authors, especially regional, and researching literary history. He enjoys the strange and the uncanny, but never both together. That's just overwhelming. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing music, and travel.

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