Tyler Childers And The Food Stamps Sell Out Red Hat Amphitheater; Create Exposure For Other Kentucky Artists

BY CAITLIN RUSS Tyler Childers has hit it big selling out nearly every show on his Send in the Hounds tour. Raleigh was no exception. The ...


Tyler Childers has hit it big selling out nearly every show on his Send in the Hounds tour. Raleigh was no exception. The latest controversy circling the music video for his new hit single "In Your Love" couldn’t keep true Childers fans away when he performed on August 13th at Red Hat Amphitheater. The Kentucky native captivated the crowd for the duration of his twenty-two-song performance alongside his long-time band, The Food Stamps.

Fans wondered if Childers and the band would be well enough to perform after a rescheduling of the August 10th show in Philadelphia. Fortunately, Raleigh did not suffer the same fate, and everyone felt well enough to perform. Childers remarked soon after taking stage that he was still sick but doing his best. He didn't disappoint.

Childers introduced his bandmates as if the show was actually a bbq back home and the crowd was meeting all his best friends for the first time. He included compliments and quips, and then stepped back to allow them to show off their talents with impressive solos on their chosen instruments.

Raleigh felt like a holler in Kentucky for the night as if everyone was together around a bonfire sharing old memories and favorite songs. The stage wasn't short of stuffed squirrels or possums as the band played their steel guitars, fiddle, and keyboard amongst many others.

Childers displayed his gravely yet smooth vocals throughout the night singing songs such as "Creeker," "Rock Salt and Nails," and "Way of the Triune God." Not many singers sound as good live as they do on a studio recorded album. Childers sounds even better. His voice, connection to the crowd, and obvious love for music are all authentic. A direct reflection of who Tyler is.

He played songs such as "Whitehouse Road" from older albums Purgatory and Country Squire in which he shares with fans what life is like in Kentucky. The country boy included fan favorite "Lady May" and the latest title track "Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?" He introduced his love song, "All Your’n" by mentioning that his parents have been married for 34 years, which is the same amount of time that the highway back home has been under construction. If you’re a Tyler fan, you get the connection.

"Nose on the Grindstone" was intimate and moving as Childers sat playing guitar with his band off stage, the crowd singing louder than they had the entire show. Tyler also played "Follow You to Virgie," a sweet tribute to a friend’s late grandmother who always supported their passion for music. Nothing beats Tyler and his guitar.

If you closed your eyes during Childers’ fiddle performance of "Cluck Ole Hen" with the band, you wouldn't know if you were sitting at the bar in a Honky Tonk or in the grass at a festival in Appalachia. Childers was having a good time playing along with his band while fans danced in the rows. The Food Stamps jammed out to "Percheron Mules" and "Tulsa Turnaround." They ended the night with "Universal Sound" and a sendoff from Childers to "be good to one another" and to "get home safe." Tyler Childers may be the most personable music artist of 2023.

Childers gave multiple shoutouts throughout the night to Abby Hamilton, S.G. Goodman, and DJ Charlie Brown Superstar. Hamilton was the first opener to hit the stage. The "Trailer Park Queen" singer is a native to Kentucky like Childers. Her strong and entrancing vocals bring unique beauty to country music. It won’t be long before she is a headliner booking sold-out shows.

Born on the opposite side of Kentucky as Childers, songwriter and singer S.G. Goodman took stage after Hamilton's set. Nearly the whole pit was full, and fans were singing along to many of her songs including recently released, "Teeth Marks," which shares the title of her self-produced second album. Before playing her last song of the night, Goodman explained that Childers messaged her asking permission to perform "Space and Time." Goodman admitted she really wanted Dolly Parton to play her song… but gave into Childers' request. During Childers' solo set, he audibly giggled to himself and shared that Goodman left out the best part of the conversation regarding "Space and Time." Allegedly Goodman claimed that with the "right set of high heels" Childers would be as fit as Dolly Parton to play her song. This made for a fun visual that the crowd quickly digested and cheered for… but there was no wardrobe change for Childers.

Childers continues his tour as fans anticipate his new album Rustin' in the Rain set to release on September 8th of this year. He has two upcoming shows in Charlotte and one in Wilmington before moving on to South Carolina. All shows mentioned are sold-out, however, resale tickets are available online. Childers and The Food Stamps put on an unforgettable performance that will leave you wishing you could watch them for the first time all over again.

"Whitehouse Road"
"Old Country Church"
"Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?"
"Country Squire"
"I Swear (to God)"
"Deadman's Curve"
"Born Again"
"All Your'n"
"Cluck Ole Hen"
"Rock Salt and Nails"
"Nose on the Grindstone"
"Lady May"
"Follow you to Virgie"
"In Your Love"
"Honky Tonk Flame"
"Way of the Triune God"
"Percherone Mules"
"Tulsa Turnaround"
"House Fire"
"Universal Sound"
Caitlin Russ is a Florida native currently residing in North Carolina. She is an English teacher by day and freelance entertainment journalist by night. Caitlin enjoys reading, hiking with her husband and 3 children, and attending as many concerts as she can. Her all-time favorite music artists include John Mayer, Tyler Childers, and Paramore.

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