Concert Review: P!NK (Spectrum Center)

BY CHRIS HOCKER P!NK's Sunday night show at Charlotte's Spectrum Center had something for everybody: aerial stunts, great music, ...


P!NK's Sunday night show at Charlotte's Spectrum Center had something for everybody: aerial stunts, great music, candy confessions, and our personal favorite, walking pink lips.

After a great opening act from Grouplove, P!NK appeared high above the crowd from a giant pair of lips. She waved and in an instant, Charlotte's stop on the Trustfall tour began. Her first of three aerial stunts of the evening, she sang "Get The Party Started" while bungeeing up and down from the giant lips.

Giant flames shot up at the back of the stage during the mash-up of "Just Like Fire" and Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker." "Raise Your Glass" had giant motorized flamingos. P!NK's finale, "So What," had her in the upper level of the Spectrum Center.

But it wasn't all pyro and aerial stunts and dance routines. There were quieter moments as well, like when she played Name That Tune to win a box of Whoppers. Her daughter joined her onstage for "Cover Me in Sunshine," eliciting the biggest applause of the night and a giant hug from P!NK. There were also acoustic versions of "Please Don't Leave Me" and "Don't Let Me Get Me."

But our favorite part of the night was during "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," in which P!NK was joined by five giant pairs of lips dancing around the stage with her. The highlight was when they shot confetti cannons from their mouths. Kudos, P!NK! Before the night was through, P!NK performed twenty-two songs, performed three aerial stunts, and made numerous costume changes. It was an amazing night. P!NK still has a handful of US dates remaining in her Trustfall tour. It's worth the drive to Florida to catch a show or two.

"Get the Party Started"
"Raise Your Glass"
"Who Knew"
"Just Like a Pill"
"What About Us"
"There You Go"
"Make You Feel My Love"
"Our Song"
"Just Give Me a Reason"
"F**kin' Perfect"
"Just Like Fire" / "Heartbreaker"
"Please Don't Leave Me"
"Cover Me in Sunshine"
"Don't Let Me Get Me"
"When I Get There"
"I Am Here"
"Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"
"Never Gonna Not Dance Again"
"So What"
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