Avenged Sevenfold Rocks Raleigh

BY CAITLIN RUSS Avenged Sevenfold brought their long-awaited “new” music to the PNC Arena in Raleigh on Friday. February 2023 the band se...


Avenged Sevenfold brought their long-awaited “new” music to the PNC Arena in Raleigh on Friday. February 2023 the band sent their followers on an extensive online scavenger hunt which led to teased singles months later from their new album which would be titled, Life Is But A Dream...

A7X’s album is a bit different from their previous music. They have moved into the subgenre of avant-garde and progressive metal. Fans loved it all the same as they packed the arena and crowded into the pit to head-band along.

The band opened with “Game Over” which is the first song featured on Life Is But A Dream... M.Shadows walked out onto center stage where a chair awaited him. In darkness, he sat and absorbed the crowd while the music started. He downed a black ski mask, completely concealing his identity.

They performed a fan-favorite, “Afterlife” from their 2008 self-titled album. This is special to the band and fans because it features the band’s late drummer’s vocals. The original vocals of The Rev were played on a track during the song. A homage to their good friend and bandmate.

During their performance of “Nobody,” Shadows took a long pause while standing front and center on stage. The crowd erupted and chanted “Sevenfold” for several minutes. The band clearly enjoyed being back on stage playing for their biggest fans and fellow metal heads.

The set included hits, “Bat Country,” as well as “Save Me,” and “The Stage.” They played “Hail to the King,” and “Shephard of Fire” both from their 2013 album, Hail to the King. Avenged Sevenfold closed with their new song, “Cosmic.” Graphics projected on stage included ghouls, flames, a noose, and a burning house. The best heavy-metal line of the night was when M.Shadows proclaimed, “all you have to do... is bang your fucking head.”

The night kicked off with DJ and heavy metal musician, King Sullivan. During multiple songs, he left his DJ station to shred guitar all across the stage so no fans missed out on his talent. The arena enjoyed a combination of a laser light show, guitar solos, and mixing of EDM. Poppy took stage shortly after and proved with her guitar skills and killer vocals that girls can be heavy metal too! The Life Is But A Dream... tour continues overseas in May.
Caitlin Russ is a Florida native currently residing in North Carolina. She is an English teacher by day and freelance entertainment journalist by night. Caitlin enjoys reading, hiking with her husband and 3 children, and attending as many concerts as she can. Her all-time favorite music artists include John Mayer, Tyler Childers, and Paramore.

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