Concert Review: Dean Lewis (PNC Arena)

BY BELLA DISTEFANO From the friendly faces at Spectrum Arena, to the positive messages in the music, AJR and Dean Lewis did not disappoin...


From the friendly faces at Spectrum Arena, to the positive messages in the music, AJR and Dean Lewis did not disappoint.

This was by far the biggest venue that I have photographed in so far, and I’m so happy I didn’t let my fear stop me from going. The staff and crew (specifically Nicole and Judy) were so kind and helpful, and I had a great experience photographing Dean Lewis.

Before the show, fans enjoyed passing a balloon around the pit. They were very protective over this balloon, and when it was bounced into the photo pit and taken by security so that the show could start, they jokingly expressed their disappointment.

Dean took the stage and performed some crowd favorite originals, as well as some iconic covers such as "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift and "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls. His repertoire contains some pretty emotional, heart-wrenching songs. "How Do I Say Goodbye" definitely brought tears to some eyes. Usually, slower music is harder for me to keep my attention on in a live music setting, but his songs kept me engaged the entire time.

If you’ve got some FOMO from missing this show, don’t worry--Dean announced that he’ll be posting U.S. tour dates soon!

While I didn’t receive a photo pass for AJR, I’m not sure pictures would have even done this show any justice. They put on such an insane (in a good way!) performance. They had visuals, they had skits, they had Jack hanging from the rafters! You can tell that they put an incredible amount of time into executing this concert, and it’s crazy to think of how many nights they’re doing this.

One of the last songs was about their dad, who recently passed away. As they prefaced this song, they shared some of the wisdom that was left to them from him, and I want to share it with you, because it really struck a chord with me.

“Life is too short to not be the biggest version of yourself.”

Go out there and be the best and the biggest version of you.
Bella DiStefano splits her time between Graham, North Carolina and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. While home for the winter, she spends her days enjoying family time and photographing concerts while her friends sing along in the crowd. In the summer when she escapes to the island, she works at a marina during the day and photographs portraits and engagement sessions during her favorite time, golden hour. When she isn't taking pictures, Bella enjoys reading, traveling, and creating wearable art.

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