Concert Review: Teezo Touchdown (Fillmore Charlotte)

BY CHRIS HOCKER Teezo Touchdown brought his Spend The Night Tour to Charlotte's Fillmore on Tuesday night. Not only was the sold-out ...


Teezo Touchdown brought his Spend The Night Tour to Charlotte's Fillmore on Tuesday night. Not only was the sold-out Charlotte show the first stop of the tour, but it was Teezo Touchdown's first headlining gig in the United States.

Opening the show was Jacob and Annabelle, two hosts that led the audience through several bits of Teezo Touchdown trivia. Even though it was multiple choice, the audience knew their stuff and got everything right. After four or five questions, Annabelle did a short DJ set.

At 8:50 PM, the lights went down. The interview with Teezo Touchdown that Jacob and Annabelle had been teasing all night began. Then Teezo Touchdown, dressed in a white wifebeater and blue jeans, hit the stage with a microphone that doubled as a bouquet of flowers and performed "Careful" against the same graffitied garage backdrop as the music video. The crowd went insane.

After performing a few of his older songs, Teezo Touchdown left the stage and the interview began again. He came back dressed in a sportcoat and continued to perform his older material. Finally, after about eight tracks, Teezo Touchdown appeared back onstage dressed in black shoulder pads with nine inch nails sticking out from them and the opeining guitar riff from How Do You Sleep At Night? With You's "OK" started. The crowd somehow kicked things up another notch.

Along the way, Teezo Touchdown performed most of How Do You Sleep At Night? With You and interacted with the audience. He talked about collabs, and even perfomed some Tyler, the Creator, Travis Scott, and Drake. He told us the last time he was at the Fillmore, he was a roadie for some other act in 2020.

According to one of the last interview segments, Teezo Touchdown plans to make a play from the songs from How Do You Sleep At Night? With You. I can't wait to see it and what else Teezo Touchdown has planned for the future.
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