Barnstormers Painted Barn Murals (Cameron, NC)

In 1999, Cameron native David Ellis enlisted a small group of fellow New York City artists to travel to Cameron, NC and paint a bunch of t...

In 1999, Cameron native David Ellis enlisted a small group of fellow New York City artists to travel to Cameron, NC and paint a bunch of tobacco barns (and a house or two).

They came to town and shared their takes on Pokemon, American Gothic, and more with the world.

Nicknamed The Barnstormers, the group used the canvas of Cameron to create a living, breathing masterpiece.

It's amazing that some seventeen years later, many of the barns are still standing.

Granted, the barns are definitely showing their age, but the the chipped paint and creeping vegetation only adds another level to the art.

The barns can be found all over Cameron, but the address below is at the intersection of Nickens Road, Red Hill Road, and Stanton Hill Road.

It is here where you'll find the largest collection of barns, including the American Gothic barn and both Pokemon barns.

And if you want to catch 'em all, stop by one of the antique stores in town, ask nicely, and chances are they'll give you a free map.

What To Know Before You Go

GPS Coordinates: (35.327626, -79.276201)
Location: 315 Red Hill Road, Cameron



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  1. I surely do hope they asked landowner's permission before destroying some of the most treasured remnants of north Carolina history we have. If they want to deface their home city, which is already hard to look at, more power to 'em. But if I happened across some urban punks with spray paint "redecorating" my private property, I would likely be irate and become
    A person they wish they had not met. Regardless of these people's opinion on tobacco and public health, these buildings are some of the last standing symbols of our Carolina heritage. Costructed from the sweat, blood, calluses, and ingenuity of our long passed kin as the most lucrative means to thrive on otherwise infertile clay soil. These people are not making something ugly beautiful. They are making something beautiful ugly. To me this is no different than had they defecated on the graves of the people who worked these barns and pack houses.

    1. Brandon Gravitt, I hope you spread that ire around instead of concentrating it all on a few decaying barns that were painted TWENTY YEARS AGO. By a team led by a man who was FROM CAMERON NC. This wasn't a sneaky nighttime affair. It was the locals of Cameron who nicknamed the crew the Barnstormers. You really sound like a stereotype. Are you sure this isn't satire? Why don't you go hug one of the innumerable decaying unpainted barns that are allllll over this state. I cannot believe the hyperbole of comparing real artists making real art out of decay with literally SHITTING ON GRAVES. My god man. Save a little for real problems, there are lots.

    2. For your reading pleasure, Brandon Gravitt. They're handing out maps of the barns in antique stores. Every barn was painted with the owner's blessing. You sound like you could use some hot herbal tea to calm your nerves, man. Chill.

  2. Sounds to me like Brandon needs a king size tube of Preparation H. 🤣



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