The Ghost Of Alice Flagg (Pawleys Island, SC)

We were looking for a ghost, but all we saw on Kings River Road were golf courses and beautiful homes. Finally, we came across All Saints ...

We were looking for a ghost, but all we saw on Kings River Road were golf courses and beautiful homes. Finally, we came across All Saints Church and knew we were in the right place when we saw the following sign:

All Saints Church boasts ideal conditions for a haunting: an old cemetery, Spanish Moss hanging in the trees, and a rich urban legend.

In 1800s Murrells Inlet, Alice Flagg lived with her mother and domineering brother, Dr. Allard Flagg, at The Hermitage plantation. Alice fell in love with someone her brother did not approve of. The man proposed to Alice and gave her a ring, which she wore around her neck on a ribbon to avoid her brother's suspicion. Although he was unaware of his sister's engagement, Dr. Flagg made Alice attend school in Charleston in the hopes she would forget about the young man.

It was in Charleston that Alice succumbed to what many believe now was malaria. She was brought back home to the family home in Murrells Inlet. While examining her, Dr. Flagg found the ring around her neck and threw it into the woods. Alice died a few days later but she did not go peacefully. To this day, people say Alice haunts both Hermitage in Murrells Inlet and her grave in Pawleys Island, looking for the ring given to her by her beloved.

So we decided to see if we could make Alice appear. We were told that the best chances of a sighting happen at night, but we couldn't fit a night visit in our schedule. Instead, we went the same day Honeymoon From Hell, a movie based on her life, premiered on Lifetime, figuring that would make her good and agitated.

We walked backwards around her grave thirteen times and put a ring on her gravestone, although by the looks of things, people also believe coins, ribbons, glow bracelets, and cans of beans also work.

Nothing happened. We waited a few minutes.

Still nothing.

Dejected, we paid our respects to Alice and headed back to the car. Not even the threat of a Lifetime movie sullying her legend would bring Alice out that day.

What To Know Before You Go

GPS Coordinates: (33.467338, -79.138341)
Location: 3560 Kings River Road, Pawleys Island, SC



South Carolina 9178488901632237900

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  1. Ghost don't come "when" you want try taking pictures at night if you see orbs that's a good indication of ghost energy orEVP"s

  2. Alice Flaggs body was exhumed and moved by the family after her legend caused too much foot traffic on her grave. She no longer rests in All Saint's.

  3. She does too rest in All Saints. I just went tonight but she is the only one in the cemetery that has absolutely no grass at all on her grave

    1. Shes not buried in pawleys. Why would they even put her in pawleys. She never even lived in pawleys. She lived in murrells inlet. She's buried in belin cemetery with her uncle. Pawleys island just wanted the tourist for money



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