10 Strangest North Carolina College Mascots

I feel that I am qualified to compile the 10 strangest college mascots in North Carolina because I attended the middle school with the stra...

I feel that I am qualified to compile the 10 strangest college mascots in North Carolina because I attended the middle school with the strangest mascot in all of North Carolina, if not the United States. I attended middle school in Graham and when I went there, we were the Satans.

Yes, the Graham Middle Satans.

Most people don't believe me when I tell them that. But it's true. The mascot was a little red devil in a diaper.

Eventually, someone somewhere woke up one day and said, "Um.... do we really call our middle schoolers Satans?" and tossed decades of tradition out the window. While Graham High School is still known as the Red Devils, the middle school was changed to the boring and, most importantly, inoffensive Falcons. Not only that, they've managed to scrub nearly all references to the Graham Middle Satans from the web.

With that out of the way, here are the 10 Strangest North Carolina College Mascots:

10. Caldwell Community College And Technical Institute Cobras
It's not strange or particularly cool, but the Cobras' logo reminds me of the Cobra Kai in The Karate Kid.

9. University Of North Carolina Tar Heels
At the end of the day, Tar Heels is just another term for Dirty Feet. And it would be a whole lot cooler seeing a giant foot running around the Dean Dome than a ram.

8. Salem College Spirits
We couldn't find why they were called Spirits. Is it Spirits as in school spirit? Spirits as in alcohol? We're hoping Spirits means ghosts.

7. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
The Demon Deacon might not be the strangest mascot in North Carolina, but he certainly is the best dressed. Who else wears tails and a top hat?

6. Elon College Fightin' Christians
We know Elon College doesn't use Fightin' Christians anymore. They don't even use Elon College anymore. Back at the turn of the century, Elon moved to Div. I and in the process went from a college to a university and dropped the insanely cool Fightin' Christians nickname for the ultra-blah Phoenix. Here's hoping the Fightin' Chrisitans one day rise from the ashes!

5. North Carolina Wesleyan Battling Bishops
Who are these Bishops battling? The Duke Blue Devils? The Guilford Quakers? The Demon Decons? The Fightin' Christians?

4. North Carolina A&T Aggies
Do you know what an Aggie is? It's not a bulldog. It's another word for a student that attends an Agricultural School. So they could've just as easily been called the North Carolina A&T Students.

3. Cape Fear Community College Sea Devils
There are tons of colleges that use animals as their mascots, especially cats (Davidson Wildcats, High Point Panthers, Lees-McRae Bobcats, Mars Hill Lions, and the Western Carolina Catamounts), dogs (UNC-Asheville Bulldogs, Barton Bulldogs, Gardner-Webb Runnin' Bulldogs, and the Wingate Bulldogs), and birds (Chowan Hawks, North Carolina Central Eagles, Pfeiffer Falcons, St. Augustine's Falcons, Warren Wilson Owls, and the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks), but there is only one Sea Devil. Fear The Sea Devils!

2. Campbell Fighting Camels
I think it's a bit odd that the men's teams are called the Fighting Camels and the women's teams are called the Lady Camels. Or are they just saying that men are the barbaric ones?

1. University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts Fighting Pickles
Really, they could've stopped with just Pickles. But they're not just any ordinary Pickles, they're Fighting Pickles. Not only that, he's got a piano skirt, a clapboard, and a crushed velvet hat. The only thing he's missing is a monocle.


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  1. I attended Graham Middle as well and remember the big painted picture of a Red Devil with fire around him with a pitch fork in his left hand and underneath him with the slogan “Welcome to Satan Country”. In truth, the middle school was Graham High prior and they are the Red Devils. So all we had to do was update the slogan. I honestly never gave it a second thought while attending Graham Middle. People still think I am joking when I tell them about the mascot.



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