Concert Review: Rico Nasty And Maliibu Miitch (Neighborhood Theatre)

Rapper Rico Nasty has had one hell of a summer. Since early June, she has signed with Atlantic Records; released Nasty , her critically-ac...

Rapper Rico Nasty has had one hell of a summer. Since early June, she has signed with Atlantic Records; released Nasty, her critically-acclaimed mixtape; and embarked on The Nasty Tour, a string of sold-out mosh-pit-filled performances. When we heard she was coming to Charlotte's Neighborhood Theatre, we knew we had to check her out.

But first, we were treated to Maliibu Miitch, another female rapper being touted as The Next Big Thing. Maliibu Miitch came out dressed in a Wilson tennis skirt and tube top and the crowd went crazy. But the dress and the high-pitched voice were no match for her fierce rhymes. It was obvious from the start that most people in the audience were major fans of both artists as the crowd was screaming along with her every word. Her steamy performance was capped off by inviting several members of the audience onto the stage to dance with her.

I had noticed on previous dates on this tour Rico Nasty has come out with her hair in spikes, purple hair, or totally blonde, so I was excited to see how she'd be dressed. She didn't disappoint: she had a glittery jacket and pants, a Dolls Kill toboggan, and a Marilyn Manson tee.

Her delivery and music were intense, as was the crowd. People jumped the entire time, while shouting her lyrics back at her and crowd-surfing. While fans went crazy for older tracks like "Hey Arnold" and the incredibly fierce "Smack A Bitch," it was evident that the crowd had already devoured Nasty and knew every word to the mixtape. At the end of her set, she encouraged the crowd to form a most pit in front of the stage. After the song was over and as her security crew was telling people to move back from the stage, she snuck out through the side door of the theater and into the summer night.

The Nasty Tour with Rico Nasty and Maliibu Miitch features two artists on the verge of blowing up so if the tour is heading to your town and there are still tickets available, grab a few and get it on the ground floor. You can check out the tour dates here.




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