Concert Review: Minus The Bear (Cat's Cradle)

It doesn't feel like it's been sixteen years since Minus The Bear released their debut album Highly Refined Pirates . Maybe that&#...

It doesn't feel like it's been sixteen years since Minus The Bear released their debut album Highly Refined Pirates. Maybe that's why we were hit hard by the July news that the band was breaking up, but not before one last farewell tour. Luckily, the second night of their farewell tour was a stop at the Cat's Cradle.

Because the band has so many fans, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the October 10th Cradle show was sold out. We spoke with fans that attended the tour's opening night in Nashville, fans that were planning on following the band down to Atlanta for the next show, fans that were attending future shows in Boston and Philadelphia, and one couple that was planning on being at the band's final show in Seattle on December 14th. We spoke with fans that attended the meet & greet, eager for a few special moments with the band. It was obvious there was a lot of love for Minus The Bear in that room.

And the feeling was mutual. Midway through the show, singer Jake Snider told us that Chapel Hill holds a piece of the band's heart because it was on the tour opening for Cursive in 2003 (that included a Cat's Cradle stop) that the band felt they had "made it."

Minus The Bear played an awesome set with tons of fan favorites. A few of us had sneaked a peek at the set list before the concert began, causing one fan to yell, "They're playing EVERYTHING!"

The band was incredible and it was great hearing and seeing them one last time, especially watching guitarist Dave Knudson work his magic. It was an amazing show with tons of emotion. If you have the chance to catch one of their shows on their farewell tour, or want to quit work and follow them around for the next two months, we thoroughly recommend it.

"Last Kiss"
"Lemurs, Man, Lemurs"
"Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse"
"Thanks For The Killer Game Of Crisco Twister"
"Diamond Lightning"
"My Time"
"Summer Angel"
"Cold Company"
"Fair Enough"
"The Fix"
"Fine + 2 Pts"
"I'm Totally Not Down With Rob's Alien"
"This Ain't A Surfin' Movie"
"The Game Needed Me"
"White Mystery"
"We Are Not A Football Team"
"Let's Play Guitar In A Five Guitar Band"

"Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo"
"Into the Mirror"
"Throwin' Shapes"
"Pachuca Sunrise"



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  1. Thanks for writing this. I was there and this was one of the best nights of my life. As you said I remember the emotion in that room was incredible. 4 years later we're still mourning the loss but they'll live on forever as far as I'm concerned.



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