Concert Review: Abraham Alexander (Lincoln Theatre)

BY MARK DOLEJS As Abraham Alexander sang his song “Stay” and encouraged the crowd to sing along, he looked and sounded like he was compl...


As Abraham Alexander sang his song “Stay” and encouraged the crowd to sing along, he looked and sounded like he was completely at home. While the song is about him missing his home and family while he was in London recording, this young artist took command of the stage and held the audience's attention throughout his set.

Opening the night with “Out of Me” was brilliant. As the song has never been released, it is the second song that Alexander ever wrote. He says he finished the chorus while he was sleeping during a Texas ice storm, and woke up and wrote it down. It’s a song that he is intimately familiar with and he uses it to get past the jitters as he first gets up on stage.

The singer/songwriter shared six songs during his set, including “Knee Deep,” “Tears Run Dry,” and “Blood Under the Bridge.” These three and “Stay” are off his debut album SEA/SONS, which was released on April 14, the same day as this show at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh.

This area holds a special place in Alexander’s heart. During the pandemic, he traveled to Durham several times to work with producer Brad Cook. Alexander explains during a short interview after the show, “That was a really special time, especially when everything was shut down and there wasn’t a promise for anything. Traveling to a new place to write music and create for the record was really beautiful. I got love for Durham for sure.”

Midway through his set, Alexander broke out his electric guitar for a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” He really didn’t need to play anyone else’s songs, his repertoire is quite impressive and his songwriting ability really shines on the new record. While his lyrics speak to the pain and struggles in his life, they have a very hopeful soul that leaves you coming away from his show with a smile on your face.

Alexander is on the road supporting Wilder Woods, on tour for another dozen shows, before celebrating the release of SEA/SONS with a handful of album release shows in Texas in early June. During the summer months, Alexander will perform at several festivals including Bonnaroo and the Newport Folk Festival.
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