Shania Twain Performs, Connects With Fans At PNC Arena

BY CAITLIN RUSS Shania Twain partied with her biggest fans all night long Wednesday at PNC Arena. Cowboy hats, sequin dresses, denim tops...


Shania Twain partied with her biggest fans all night long Wednesday at PNC Arena. Cowboy hats, sequin dresses, denim tops, and even floral suit jackets packed the arena for her Queen of Me Tour stop in Raleigh.

Three large boxes were rolled out through the crowd as lights strobed and music boomed. Twain popped out of one of the far boxes, dressed as though just traveled across the country in a bright red convertible, top down of course. Large sunglasses covered her eyes, and a handkerchief kept her hair in place. The crowd soared into cheers and applause as the country music superstar made her way through the crowd and to the stage.

If you have ever been to a Shania Twain concert before, then you know she doesn’t just sing... she performs! Shania had the most entertaining graphics on stage. Sometimes it was an alien running across the screen while bandmembers ran in the other direction, avoiding possible abduction. At other times it was a wild horse galloping to freedom. In addition to the awesome special effects, Twain has the most energetic back up dancers! They nearly stole the show during some songs.

In between the nostalgic hits and more recent tunes, Twain noticed a sign in the crowed that read “My mom was supposed to be here but she went ‘up, up, up.’” The crowd passed the sign up to Twain so she could read it on stage. Her 2002 song, “Up, up, up” was not originally on Wednesday’s set list but she sang a riff in memory of the fan’s mother. The fan, and most of the crowd, was quickly in tears.

Twain included songs reflecting earlier career including, “Rock this Country!” “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face,” “Any Man of Mine,” and “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” While of course including “Giddy Up!” and “Wake Up Dreaming” from her most recent album Queen of Me.

The Queen of Me Tour continues in Canada before settling in Las Vegas in May 2024.

Caitlin Russ is a Florida native currently residing in North Carolina. She is an English teacher by day and freelance entertainment journalist by night. Caitlin enjoys reading, hiking with her husband and 3 children, and attending as many concerts as she can. Her all-time favorite music artists include John Mayer, Tyler Childers, and Paramore.

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