49 Winchester And Sam Barber Sell Out The Lincoln Theatre In Raleigh

BY CAITLIN RUSS 49 Winchester played to a packed house last Friday at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Fans lined the street waiting to ge...


49 Winchester played to a packed house last Friday at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Fans lined the street waiting to get into the highly anticipated sold-out show. The Virginia-based band opened with an energy that surpassed all expectations. The night consisted of mean guitar riffs and quick keyboard progressions. To top off their Appalachian country rock sound, of course a pedal steel guitar was present for the majority of their songs.

Lead singer, Isaac Gibson, recalled a moment in 2012 when he was standing in a crowd watching Whiskey Myers amongst some of his other hero musicians. He explained, it was at that moment that he decided he was going to play music for people the rest of his life. Gibson is living out his dream along side his bandmates.

The band played their hits from Fortune Favors the Bold such as, “Russel County Line” and “Damn Darlin’.” 49 Winchester also performed fan favorites from their 2020 album, III, “Everlasting Lover,” “Hays, Kansas,” and “Chemistry.” They continue their tour, playing in Charlotte and Nashville next week. Both shows are sold out.

Twenty-year-old Sam Barber opened for the band in Raleigh. He is well-known for many of his covers and original songs on TikTok. Mainly, a cover of “Dancing in the Sky” and his original, “Straight and Narrow.” He was also on the 20 th season of American Idol. Many young fans accompanied their parents to see Barber perform to a sold-out show. He engaged the audience by telling stories of how many of his songs came to be. “Rambling Man” he originally voice-recorded on his iPhone. “Million Eyes” was written after he was in a meeting with a lot of businessmen and felt as thought a million eyes were upon him. Barber saved “Straight and Narrow” as his final song. The crowd which filled the venue, wall to wall, did not disappoint and sang along during the last song of Barber’s set, not skipping a beat. He expressed his gratitude to his fans before leaving the stage for the night.
Caitlin Russ is a Florida native currently residing in North Carolina. She is an English teacher by day and freelance entertainment journalist by night. Caitlin enjoys reading, hiking with her husband and 3 children, and attending as many concerts as she can. Her all-time favorite music artists include John Mayer, Tyler Childers, and Paramore.

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