The Return To Spencer Mountain Mansion (Spencer Mountain, NC)

Last week, our story about the Haunted Spencer Mountain Mansion received a lot of attention. Along with the attention came stories from re...

Last week, our story about the Haunted Spencer Mountain Mansion received a lot of attention. Along with the attention came stories from readers. Many shared their own experiences with the Spencer Mountain Mansion, and some were gracious enough to allow us to share them with you below. Based on the stories we received, we quickly discovered that visitors to the Spencer Mountain Mansion belonged to three distinct camps.

Camp I: Those Who DO NOT Believe Spencer Mountain Mansion Is Haunted

Well the house certainly isn't haunted. I grew up in Spencer Mountain. I've worked there on Halloween years ago. I've been in the house countless times.
--Dustin Blake
We went through the house but for the most part we had no activity, just a very eerie creepy house inside. Walking downstairs was weird and cold and felt like somebody was watching you and upstairs we tried contact the spirit of a woman but didn't get any activity so i think it's just an abandoned house. I don't think it is haunted, but there is another house on York Road that is reported to have haunted activity frequently. My mom works in the house and has personal accounts of a spirit being there. My buddies also went back and performed a seance with a board and tried numerous times to contact a spirit but there was no activity. I wouldn't recommend anybody to perform a seance though unless they want to open themselves up to spiritual activity (good and bad). Very risky.
My friend Heather is from Gastonia and had heard some things about the house about four years ago. She had no interest in going but I and a couple other friends convinced her to go with us during the day. We snapped a picture and my fully charged camera died so we decided to leave. As we were pulling out, my friend Heather screamed. She couldn't explain why she screamed. She was terrified and all she could say was, "I didn't scream, that wasn't me." She is not one to joke about that sort of thing but still we laughed it off. We went back that night and just drove by a couple times and the only thing strange was that the lights were on.

A couple years later I was getting more and more interested and wanted to go back. The guy I was dating at the time drove me late at night. We weren't expecting to see anything and we weren't driving super slow like we normally did, but we both saw the same thing when we passed the house. In the balcony area, there was what looked to be a woman in white. No, it did not look like a person. We had just confirmed that we both saw the same thing as we were turning around. We both had tears in our eyes and were completely overwhelmed with a sadness neither of us has ever felt before. We couldn't explain the feeling and when we rode back by, it was gone. That awful sad feeling lasted until the house was completely out of view. We both couldn't deny that we had seen something and a few nights later we decided to go back again. This time I wanted to communicate. I wanted more proof. We parked across the street and I asked questions. "If there is anyone here, please make your presence known." I asked if anything, just to be touched. I got what I asked. Something touched my back, but my back was completely against the seat. How do you feel something touch your back when your back is against the seat? A couple minutes later, a cop pulled up and told us to leave. He claimed that it wasn't haunted and there was nothing to see. But even after we left, I still had this feeling like something was there.

I went home to stay at my Moms for a few weeks before moving to my dads. In the weeks to follow I had a couple strange things happen. The thing that scared me the most was one night, a loud banging sound in the wall next to where I was sleeping woke the whole house up. My mom had some strange things happen as well after I left that she never would talk to me about.

She blessed the house and told me to never go back there. Spirits are not something to mess with and it's a sin according to the Bible. Since I believe in God, I did some research on what the Bible says and other people's opinions of seeking out spirits, and after my research, I no longer believe that God allows us to communicate with the deceased. The Bible says that one third of the Angels rebelled against God. Satan (Lucifer) was the angel in charge of this rebellion. These Angels were punished by being banished from Heaven. Satan hates man. Man has a relationship with God that angels could never have. Man was made in the image and likeness of God. Satan is jealous of this and hates us for it. He wants to deceive humankind into rejecting God, so that man will share in the same punishment that he is destined for.

Satan knows that not one single lie would deceive everyone, so he came up with several. Some would be deceived by ghosts and reincarnation. Others would adopt an evolutionary philosophy that the world created itself without God. Others would be deceived into believing in pagan gods, etc. I believe (and the Bible says) that Satan sends fallen angels (demons) to earth to deceive us, to make us doubt the existence of God. Part of this deception is the appearance of "ghosts." Satan wants man to believe that these are spirits of people who have died. This is the opposite of what the Bible says happens when we die. By being presented with these spirits, one tends to question if the Biblical destination after death is the correct one. Because if ghosts exist, then clearly heaven does not. If man believes that he becomes a ghost or is reincarnated at death, he will exclude the possibility of heaven as his eternal home and God as his father. These fallen angels have been known to masquerade as our loved ones. They possess knowledge that only you and your deceased loved one could know, which is convincing to the person involved.

But what that person fails to realize is that angels have existed since God created the world. Angels are older than us and our deceased loved ones. They can easily retain knowledge about that person that "only they could know." Other "ghosts" are clearly out to cause harm. Such is the case in hauntings. 2 Corinthians 11:14 tells us Satan and his angels are able to disguise themselves as helpful spirits. The belief in ghosts probably dates back several thousand years. People living at the time of Christ believed in them just as some people today believe in them. This does not make them any more real. There were lying spirits then, and there are lying spirits now. Jesus never taught that ghosts were real or that spirits of our loved ones could return to visit us. To the contrary, he taught that when we die we are either with God in heaven, or will be waiting final judgement (hell). The same evil spirits that are present today were around when your grandmother was little and would easily know "things only she would know."

In 1 Samuel 28, Saul asks for a woman who is a medium so that he can talk to her. This woman had spoken to a "familiar spirit" on many occasions. She made her living by doing so. The spirit was not the deceased loved one her customer wished to contact, but an evil spirit directed by Satan to imitate the deceased. On this occasion with Saul however, God allowed the actual spirit of Samuel to be contacted. This had never happened before. She expected the same deceiving spirit she had always seen and the medium "cried with a loud voice" (verse 12). God used this instance to show both his power and presence to the medium revealing himself as the one true God. He also used it to send a message of condemnation to Saul. Communication with spirits is old as history and strictly forbidden by God. The entities called by spirit mediums are not spirits of deceased humans but are evil spirits (demons) under the direction of Satan. When a spirit controls the body of a medium, essentially the body is demon possessed. Any "guidance" from such a source will inevitably be deceptive and dangerous, leading the one so deceived still further from the Lord. If you invite an evil spirit to show his presence, he will gladly do it. It may not always be in the physical realm where you can see it, but they are there. And once they arrive, they may not want to leave. I am still fascinated by what I saw at that house, and terrified at the same time that I was ever involved.

I will never go back there or try to communicate with the dead again. Do your research online if you must, call me crazy if you must, but I wouldn't suggest going there or trying to get proof yourself.

Camp II: Those Who DO Believe Spencer Mountain Mansion Is Haunted

I have had several experiences in this place. The one EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) gave me chills and is what got me hooked on ghost hunting. Me and my friends were just doing a session and they talked first. I was a skeptic; I didn't believe. Then I talked. I introduced myself and told it/her/him that I would like for them to prove to me that they were there. When we got back to my friends' and listened, it was crazy. You could here my friend talk, and nothing, then my other friend talked, and nothing, then you heard me say, "Hi, my name is David," then my other friend talked, then a woman's voice, clear as day, come on and said, "I want to talk to David." I had chill bumps all over my body.

I had to go back. We went back the next weekend. We were downstairs and kept hearing someone walking upstairs. We went up and found nothing, no sign of anybody. CRAZY! So then we went down in the basement, we were just kinda hanging out and I heard what sounded like a wolf or big dog growling. We turned and looked and there was nothing. We never really saw anything, just heard stuff and that one evp. That was enough for me.
--David Knight
I loved that old house. It was the local community center in the '70s and we would all hang out there. It was always creepy but I never really experienced anything while there. I lived right across from the mill on the main road, second house on the right as soon as you turned off the mountain road towards this house. My grandparents lived in the second house from the lake and I believe the Halls lived in the house right in front of the lake. All I can tell you is people said it was haunted. I believe it is and I am pretty sure the house we lived in at that time was haunted too.
--Melissa Linkous Scruggs
Sadly, I'm a wimp and didn't go up. My friends did and I locked them out of the car and made them each stare me in the eyes to make sure they weren't possessed.
--Emily Morrissey
I went there twice. The first time I went with about six people and we went in through the back where there's a hole you can get in. We wandered for a while and then when we were about to leave, it was just me and two others and right as we we're about to step out we heard 3 knocks on the second story and we got it in a video as well.

But the second time we went we were even more curious about it because of the knocks, so we explored everywhere. The basement was strange. We felt like we were constantly being watched and there were chains like someone had been shackled down there. When we got to the second story, one of my friends just started freaking out saying, "She's gonna get us. I see her in the room down the hall. We need to leave right now." She was seriously freaking out. We had no clue, so a couple people left with her. Me and two other friends stayed. We stayed in there quite a while because everyone was saying we were acting weird, like we weren't ourselves by the time we got out to the car. We didn't remember one thing, it was like we were possessed. We were saying we never wanted to leave and they said we were being serious assholes, like the house was making us stay. It was a very odd experience. After that, me and my other friend talked about it and to this day it still feels like I need to go back there, like I'm missing something. Once you go in, you get this feeling, you get chills and feel like people are watching and you get a feeling like you don't want to leave. I wouldn't recommend going there alone. Honestly, it was the most paranormal thing that's ever happened to me.
--Cody Wright
I've lived in Gastonia my whole life and that house has always terrified me. I would seriously drive 10 minutes out of the way at night so I didn't have to drive past it. A lot of people have said they have seen a woman standing at the window holding a candle. My best friend saw a woman on the porch when she was a teenager. When we were younger it was a haunted house and the reason they closed it was because people would come out with scratches and no one had ever touched them. Of course I've never tried to go in, though now that I'm older I would DEFINITELY love to go in for a real ghost hunt!!!!! It could all be an urban legend, but one thing's for sure, that house just gives off a bad feeling!!!
--Brooke Conard
We lived in the house behind it for a year or so. We would hear things. We would feel like someone was watching us. Me and my brother would see a little girl getting on a bus at six in the morning when we were getting ready for school! We walked outside one day and there was music playing right beside our house. We would see a light go from upstairs to downstairs in the house! Things would go through our cars. Things were just weird.
I can't remember exactly when it was, but it was a fall night around 11:30. There was about 8 of us and we were looking for a real thrill. We decided on a ghost hunt. Someone recommended Spencer Mountain Mansion. When we pulled up, we noticed a single light on in the front room. We split off in three different groups. I was with 3 other people and we were taking the right side of the house where the light was. As I stepped up near the window and cupped my hand around my eyes to look in, something banged so hard on the window. I felt and saw the window rattle and shake from the contact. No one was inside at the time. I was literally and visibly shaken from the experience. It was so startling I could not bring myself around to going back.
--Brittney C. Stapler
I have videos on my phone where some friends and I went in during the summer and we caught a voice and some shadows. We also had rocks thrown at us, one of the girls said something kept touching her neck.
--Destiny Hawkins
Me and a buddy of mine went last summer. We walked up to the house with a handheld radio. This was at night btw. Went up to the back and heard 3 knocks. That was it for me. He stuck his head in the door and heard more. We tried to call our ride and couldn't get a signal. Eventually made our way down and got hold of them. We went many many times last year. Sometimes feeling cold spots in the car with us, seeing small clouds move across the road, or seeing a white figure in the top window. Scariest place I've been to.
--Tyler Hamman
This was when MySpace was still around. We all went. None of us really had cell phones. When we got back we had a message from a page that only had a picture of the house asking if we saw anything. I don't even think MySpace mobile was around then. We've taken videos and went home to hook our camera up to the computer and thought it was crunching, but when you turn the volume up it was someone saying "yes". I may have been running away from the house after seeing a woman in the window and rolled down the hill.
--Chrystal Harris
I gotchu a story about my time here. Me and 2 buddies of mine went to this place about 2 or more years ago and we parked they got out. I stayed in the car watching for anyone who tried to pull in behind us or whatever. Well they got out started walking around I was still keeping watch for cars. Well a man out of nowhere pops out of the bushes and started screaming at us. He was transparent and he tried to grab one of my friends. Well they managed to get back in the car. The man runs off and gets into a power line truck parked directly behind us. I was watching for cars the whole time, there's no way I didn't see a power line truck right directly behind us. I looked away maybe a few seconds while the man tried to grab my friend. Well whenever the man got into the power line truck we backed out to follow him immediately but the power line truck was gone. We also saw a big black figure on the balcony. It leaned over and watched us drive by before we parked. But the best time to go to that house is at 3 AM. Demon hour supposedly. I have seen plenty of things at this place. There used to be demon ritual summoning symbols upstairs. Friends of mine have went inside but I never have been inside. Plenty of pictures of inside from my friends.
--Cory LeCroy
Used to love riding by there at night. We would park across the street at the water and walk up to the house looking for ghosts. I would have sworn something was in the upstairs window one time, but when I looked again it was gone, could have been my imagination or some sort of flicker of light from far off.
--Jessica Dean

Camp III: Those Who DO Believe Spencer Mountain Mansion Is Haunted AND Have The Photos To Prove It

The only time I've ever been in there was when the haunted attraction was there and I didn't know the history of the house or even know it was haunted, 2002 I'm thinking. I wouldn't have known it was a ghost even if I did see one, it was that scary in there!!! I started hearing about the history of it over the years and it got me curious, so I started going out there and taking pictures at day and some at night, unfortunately I can't get anyone to go in there at night with me and I refuse to go by myself! I have a few pictures of the other houses they recently burned to the ground, and the tombstone from the graveyard they built the neighborhood on, and pics with a lot of orbs in them from my night trips out there. That's basically the only experiences I've encountered at Spencer Mountain Mansion!
--Miriam Deal
A group of us went to the house at night. In the big room upstairs, we decided to take a group photo. Here is the photo we took, and if you zoom in past the girl beside the guy in the hat, you will see this. I circled it for you. It looks like a very creepy woman staring at us. Also, after we left, my apps on my phone were rearranged as well as every single note in my phone was deleted and that's where I stored all of my important information and it was completely gone. Also, we decided to go back in the daytime because we wanted to see what the basement looked like, and I started coughing immediately, almost feeling like something was sitting on my chest so we ran out of the house. I ended up getting so sick.
The photo above was taken standing at the top of the basement stairs. Looks like a person. As we went into the basement and cut all the lights out and stood still, we heard a woman yell, "Get out!" We go upstairs and hear someone walking but no one was there. When we went outside and stood in front of the house, there was a light in the window but no power running to this house. Then we saw the lady standing in the window. Very creepy but very real.

When we saw the lady in the window I was trying to get a pic of her but this is what I got:

--Angela Mathis


  1. just like andy Griffith, bet they have a moonshine still in their. probably old man rimshaw...... sound real hokey too me.

  2. This house was torn down in 2018

    1. I thought it was torn down in 2015?

    2. No 2018, went in a couple of times but didn't start hanging around gtown till 2015



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Strange Carolinas: The Travelogue Of The Offbeat: The Return To Spencer Mountain Mansion (Spencer Mountain, NC)
The Return To Spencer Mountain Mansion (Spencer Mountain, NC)
Strange Carolinas: The Travelogue Of The Offbeat
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