Top 19 Posts Of 2019

Here are the nineteen most-read posts of 2019! 19. The Ghost Of Alice Flagg Year Originally Published: 2016 We went looking for a ghos...

Here are the nineteen most-read posts of 2019!

19. The Ghost Of Alice Flagg
Year Originally Published: 2016
We went looking for a ghost the day her Lifetime movie premiered.

18. Wally's Service Station
Year Originally Published: 2014
Wally's Service Station is a Mount Airy attraction that is modeled on the gas station where Goober worked on the Andy Griffith Show. You can't get gas here or have your car serviced, but you can buy tons of knickknacks and Mayberry novelty items. You can also tour the town of Mount Airy in a replica police car which departs from Wally's.

17. The Gravesite Of Twins Eng And Chang Bunker
Year Originally Published: 2014
Siamese twins Eng and Chang Bunker are buried in the graveyard directly behind the White Plains Baptist Church in Mt. Airy. Their grave is easy to find; it's pretty much front and central. In fact, the church encourages visitors by keeping pamphlets near the gravesite.

16. Reminiscing, The Giant Ode To Marilyn Monroe's Legs
Year Originally Published: 2014
When backhoe operator Ricky Pearce created Reminiscing in 2005, the Henderson townspeople were not amused. Thankfully, great art and common sense won out over the clucking of a few hens because the tribute to Marilyn Monroe still stands reclines today.

15. Greenville Mall Cemetery
Year Originally Published: 2019
One might think they take shoplifting VERY seriously in Greenville... In the parking lot of the Greenville Mall, behind Carolina Ale House, you'll find a small cement area encased by four-foot walls. The walls are high enough that most people don't notice what's inside them. But if you decide to get up close and take a peek over the walls, you'll find the Evans Family Cemetery, completely covered in cement.

14. Munchkinland
Year Originally Published: 2015
There was a dark road in Burlington that had tiny, rundown houses lining its sides. Munckinland, they called it. If you dared come to a stop on that road and honk your horn, angry little people would come running out of the houses, throwing rocks and bottles at your car. If you didn't drive away soon enough, they would start rocking your car. While this wasn't an overly terrifying urban legend, it was bothersome enough to keep me from driving my less-than-reliable car down that road late at night. But here's the rub: the urban legend had a small bit of truth to it.

13. The World's Fanciest McDonald's
Year Originally Published: 2017
Granted, you may be thinking it wouldn't take much to be the World's Fanciest McDonald's. But the Biltmore McDonald's in Asheville lays waste to all other McDonald's in the Hoity Toity Department.

12. Gravity Hill
Year Originally Published: 2016
Gravity Hill is a hill in Richfield where you can stop your car and put it in neutral, and instead of moving backward down the hill, you actually move forward up the hill.

11. The Pit Murals
Year Originally Published: 2017
According to YES Weekly, The Pit was once a two-story parking deck in High Point. In the '70s, the parking deck was demolished due to structural damage and all that was left was, well, a pit. Today, the Pit attracts muralists from around Guilford County. Just don't get attached to any of the murals you see there as they are frequently painted over.

10. The Witches' Keyhole
Year Originally Published: 2015
In Lenoir, they don't rid their town of witches by burning them at the stake. They just let them show themselves out through a keyhole.

9. Acid Park
Year Originally Published: 2016
Here's how the urban legend goes: Vollis Simpson's daughter and her boyfriend decided to drop acid on the way home from the prom. The boyfriend lost control of the car around a curve and they crashed into a tree, killing the girl instantly. Bloodied and seriously injured, the young man pulled himself from the wreckage and walked to Simpson's home. He died on Simpson's front porch, but not before telling Vollis what happened to his daughter and the colorful, moving objects they saw on the ride home while on LSD. Until his dying day, Vollis Simpson created huge, reflective whirligigs as a way to memorialize his daughter's death, warn others of the dangerous curve, and to depict what his daughter and her boyfriend saw on their deadly last ride on LSD.

8. Good Vibes Mural
Year Originally Published: 2017
Ian Wilkinson's Good Vibes mural, located near White Duck Taco, is probably the most iconic mural in the River Arts District, if not all of Asheville. It has since been painted over to read, "Stay Weird."

7. The Fugitive Train Wreck
Year Originally Published: 2017
After filming commenced, the folks behind The Fugitive realized it was just easier (and cheaper!) to leave the train and bus wreckage there than to have it removed.

6. Haunted Spencer Mountain Mansion
Year Originally Published: 2015
No one can seem to agree on the history of the abandoned mansion in Spencer Mountain. Heck, they can't even agree on the name as we have heard different people refer to it as the Spencer Mountain Mansion, the Pharr Yarns Mansion, and the Old Love House. But here's one thing everyone can agree on: it was haunted.

5. Billie Eilish Mural
Year Originally Published: 2019
Greensboro's JEKS painted this tribute to seventeen-year-old singer Billie Eilish in March of 2019.

4. The Strange Carolinas Best Of NC 2019 Winners
Year Originally Published: 2019
For two weeks, readers of Strange Carolinas were invited to nominate their favorites in music, arts, food, shopping, and strangeness. From February 25th to March 15th 2019, readers were invited to vote for their favorites from the ten entries that received the most votes for each category during the nomination period. Therse are the winners of the 2019 Strange Carolinas Best Of NC Awards.

3. Mac Miller Mural
Year Originally Published: 2018
This tribute to rapper Mac Miller was created by Greensboro artist JEKS. During the short time we visited, three groups of people came by the mural to admire it and pay their respects to Miller. Someone had even made a makeshift shrine at the mural's base.

2. God's Acre Healing Springs
Year Originally Published: 2017
In Blackville, South Carolina, at the bend of a V-shaped road, you'll find God's Acre Healing Springs. People come from hundreds of miles away to fill jugs with the water from the spring, claiming it possesses healing powers. Not only that, the land and spring belong to God.

1. Lawson Family Murders Museum
Year Originally Published: 2018
On Christmas Day 1929 in Germanton, Charlie Lawson killed his wife and six of his seven children before killing himself. The event was national news and 5,000 people attended the funeral. Lawson's brother Marion opened the house as a tourist attraction and charged visitors twenty-five cents. Over the years, songs were performed, books were written, and documentaries were filmed about the Lawson murders. So it really shouldn't surprise anyone that there is a small museum/shrine devoted to the murders in Madison, North Carolina.


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